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2021 March Newsletter

An Update on Nepal


The Church in Pokhara

After the outbreak of the pandemic last year, many saints left Pokhara and returned to their villages. Yet the saints continued to have morning revival and evening prayer times by phone and via internet. In response to the global prayer watch, every night there is a prayer meeting of the church. By entering into the daily scriptures and messages corresponding each day’s prayer burden, we have become more burdened and the content of our prayers richer. The saints enjoy this kind of prayer meeting. With the recent return of the saints from the villages to Pokhara, the church life is now more stable and regulated, and some saints have been shepherded back to the fellowship of the Body.

The church in Pokhara has endeavored to perfect the local brothers in two aspects—entering into the truths of the ministry and serving in the church. The riches of Brother Nee and Brother Lee’s ministry are introduced in online meetings to the brothers, who are encouraged to take notes and share their enjoyment in the meetings. Through their enjoyment of the word, two local brothers received a burden to purchase a piece of land in Pokhara and offered part of that property for the building of a meeting hall, which can also serve as a small training center. At present we have found a suitable land and signed the land purchase contract with the landlord. The payment must be paid in three months and we will then consider the building of a meeting hall.

Currently there is a weekly online blending meeting of the churches in Pokhara and Lalitpur every Monday night. Through PSRP, the saints get into the crucial points of the outline of that week’s portion of Holy Word for Morning Revival. At first the attendance was low and the saints could not grasp the main points of the outlines. But through continual practice, the attendance gradually increased to even exceeding the number limit of Messenger, to the point that now we have to host a Zoom meeting simultaneously each time to accommodate everyone. All the saints enjoy such blending, and the prayers uttered by the saints at the end of each meeting are so rich and full of joy.

Due to the pandemic, we have not been able to go door knocking. Instead, we found a new way to preach the word through gospel broadcasts. We made broadcast programs on “The Mystery of Human Life”, “Shepherding materials for New Believers”, “The Orthodoxy of the Church” and “The Recovery of the Church” and broadcasted them twice a day. Many local listeners who are interested in the gospel and the ministry truths have since called in to inquire about our materials and express interest to have further fellowship with us. Two local brothers were thus brought into the reception and fellowship services in relation to the broadcasts. May the Lord gain more local people who seek the truth out of pure hearts so that the testimony of the church may be strengthened and the number of believers increase.

The Church in Lalitpur

We began to participate in the 21-day global prayer watch since last April. Then in May we deeply felt to continue such prayer practice, praying daily using the word of the ministry and for the Lord’s current move. Because of such practice of praying at set times, a number of saints have been strengthened in their burden and became more energized in taking the God-ordained way. These ones preach the gospel and contact the new ones steadfastly and have brought quite a number of new ones into the church life.

Praying at set times has also stirred up the burden within the saints to shepherd the new ones. Two households were shepherded and became stable in the church life last year. As of January, four other new ones’ households are also under the local saints’ continual shepherding and have joined some meetings.

Since last September, the brothers have been sharing with the saints migration testimonies all over the world. The saints are thus full of feelings for the Lord’s testimonies to be raised up in the two neighboring towns of Mahalaxmi and Godawari. In some saints’ fellowship with a brother from Mahalaxmi, this brother expressed his willingness to provide land for the church to build a meeting hall. In the subsequent times of fellowship and prayers with more saints, everyone felt at peace and full of anointing. So in the first week of December, after the pandemic restrictions on gatherings were lifted, we resumed the physical Lord’s Day meeting in a home in Mahalaxmi and fellowshipped with the local saints about the need for the construction of a meeting hall. All said “Amen” to the fellowship and began to offer financially. The amount needed to build the meeting hall was quickly reached. The construction started on December 14 and was completed in less than three weeks. On January 2, 2021, we had the first bread-breaking meeting in Mahalaxmi. A total of 29 saints came on that day, including 8 new ones and 8 children. The gathering was joyful and glorious.

Online Rhema Publications

In May or June of last year we began producing short gospel videos and compiling short ministry messages periodically for the Facebook page of Rhema. Within a short period of time, many truth-seekers joined our FB community. At present, every week we receive questions and requests for Rhema Books from the seekers. We are still learning and seeking the effective ways to shepherd these seekers online. We look forward to having face-to-face contacts with them in the coming days.


Please pray for the following matters:

1. Pray that through gospel broadcasts and the promotion of online Rhema Books, more seekers would be contacted and brought into the church life; pray also for more local saints to participate in these services.

2. Pray that the saints would be stabilized in the church life during this pandemic and that more saints would be burdened to practice the God-ordained way and to practice shepherding according to God.

3. Pray for many seekers to be gained and become remaining fruits in the church life.

The Middle East Blending Conference


The Middle East Blending conference was held online on December 18 of last year. A total of 370 saints from 13 countries and regions attended. The content of the conference was the messages from the 2020 Thanksgiving conference. After each message, the saints were divided into groups for prophesying. The last session was an update on the current situation of the Middle East countries and the Lord’s move to Asia. Brothers from Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, and Egypt fellowshipped on the Lord’s move in each country and presented their needs for prayer. The saints in attendance were greatly encouraged. May the Lord continue to strengthen His work in this area that the saints would be built up in the church life, perfected to function, and practice the God-ordained way to gain more local people for the testimony of Jesus.



On the evening of December 31 last year, we held a New Year’s Eve prayer and fellowship. The saints shared their experiences of the Lord in 2020 and thanked the Lord for His preservation and blessing in many ways. On the first Lord’s Day of 2021, the Turkish speaking, English speaking and Chinese speaking saints gathered together for a meeting online. Altogether there were 22 saints from Istanbul, 1 from Izmir, 1 from Antalya and 1 from Rize. Seven overseas saints from Hong Kong, Israel and Malaysia also joined us in this gathering. All the saints are encouraged and willing to renew their consecration to the Lord at the beginning of the new year to allow Christ to be their Alpha and their Passover Lamb and to labor more on Christ as the good land for the building up of His Body.

Rhema has resumed the distribution of physical books. May the Lord increase the number of subscribers and gain more seekers through this distribution. Recently, a reader came into contact with us. She was eager to know more about the Christian faith, but was persecuted by her family. May the Lord gain her and open a way for her to know the truth. Please pray that the Lord will preserve the newly saved one so that they can live a normal church life and be perfected to be useful vessels.

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