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Burdens related to Europe (week of 25 July 2021)

  1. Recent reports on Europe
  2. A recent report on the Lord’s move in Europe in video and written form was made available during the July 2021 semiannual training. This report can be found at https://amanatrust.org.uk/page/reports. Please do not download the video report. An earlier report from different areas across Europe written in May 2021 is available on the same web page. Please continue to pray that the Lord will gain a prevailing testimony of the one new man, His Body, in every major city in Europe for His coming back.
  3. European Young People’s Conferences (26 July — 15 August)
  4. This year’s European Young People’s Conference will be carried out regionally, in person and remotely, and at different times between 26 July and 15 August. A schedule of the regional conferences can be found at https://ypconference.eu. Please pray for the Lord’s continued blessing on the YP conferences in Europe, especially that the Lord will gain a group of young people who will be one with Him to consummate His eternal economy by building up His organic Body for His coming back.
  5. Purchase of property in Malaga, Spain
  6. The current need to complete the purchase of the property in Malaga is 142,000 euros. The closing date is 30 August 2021. For information in English, Chinese, and Spanish, and to see photos, please go to https://laobramspi.es/propiedadmalaga/?lang=en. Those who wish to give through LME can find instructions by clicking on Offerings at www.lme.org. Offerings should be designated “For Malaga Purchase.” Migration of burdened saints to six designated European cities Please pray for the migration of burdened saints to six designated European cities—Barcelona, Brussels, Dublin, Lisbon, Rome, and Zurich. More details on these cities can be found at lordsmove.org/reports.html.
  7. Woodland Camp Building Project (London)
  8. To give through LME for the training facility at Woodland Camp, click on Offerings on the home page of the LME website and follow the instructions. Designate offerings for “UK Building Project.” More information on the UK building project can be found at www.amanatrust.org.uk/uk-building-project.
  9. Distribution of Bibles in Europe
  10. Currently, 250,000 copies of the New Testament Recovery Version are being printed in five languages for distribution in Europe. Please pray for the spreading of the translated, interpreted, and understood divine truths in Europe for the Lord’s recovery and restoration. Offerings for the distribution of Bibles in Europe can be given to LME. Click on Offerings on the home page of the LME website. Please designate offerings for “Distribution of Bibles in Europe.” Offerings for the printing of Bibles should be given directly to Living Stream Ministry (LSM) and designated “Printing Bibles for Europe.” For instructions on giving to LSM, download a PDF via the link How to Give on the Information page of the LME website.
  11. Continuing prayer for the Lord’s move in Germany and other German-speaking countries
  12. For updates regarding the churches and the Lord’s work in Germany, please go to the website germanyreports.info. Gifts to support the Lord’s move in Germany in a general way should be given to LME and designated “European Gospel Work.” Click on Offerings at www.lme.org for instructions.
  13. Radio broadcasts in the UK and Spain, distribution of the Recovery Version and ministry publications in the European languages, shepherding of seeking ones, and blending of the saints into the reality of the one Body.
Ref: https://www.lordsmove.org/pdfs/PrayerBurdens590.pdf

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