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Report on Israel

The recent eruption in the conflict between Hamas and the state of Israel was precipitated by security concerns around the Al Aqsa Mosque compound (the Temple Mount) and a legal dispute over Jewish owned land in East Jerusalem. The wider causes lie in the rivalry of Palestinian factions for the leadership of the Palestinian cause and the perceived political weakness of the present Israeli interim government. When Israel failed to meet an ultimatum given by Hamas to withdraw its security personnel from the Temple Mount, to release all those who have been detained over the disorders, and to cancel the legal proceedings over the land dispute, on Monday, May 10 at 6.01 PM, Hamas commenced its rocket attacks against the cities of Israel, beginning with Jerusalem. Since then over 4,000 rockets have been launched against Israel, and Israel has responded with air strikes. In addition, there have been riots by Arab Israelis in the cities in Israel in support of Hamas, with attacks on individuals, property, and synagogues. There have also been reprisal attacks against Arabs by Jewish gangs.

To date, we thank that Lord that none of the saints have been injured or suffered loss in a missile attack or in a riot. In the present circumstances, everyone is restricting themselves to the minimum movement required to continue daily life, avoiding non-essential travel or going out.

We are thankful to the Lord that this weekend we are having our annual international conference on Zoom and have been joined by over two hundred saints from abroad.

Please continue to pray for the present situation:

  1. For the Lord’s purpose to be carried out regarding Israel
  2. For the intrinsic growth of the church as the Body of Christ for its organic increase
  3. For the Lord to have mercy on all the people caught up in this situation, to preserve their lives, and to cause them to seek the Lord and find Him as the unique solution to all their problems.

Ref: https://churchnews.info/2021/05/21/report-on-israel/

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